Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Broken Butterflies Review

Ilisha Morrison should have died the day she boarded the bullet train to Colorado. As her train collided with another, a handsome stranger saved her life, but put her in more danger than she ever imagined possible. Caught in a warring world of angels, demons, and a vengeful Death Maker who wants to destroy her, Ilisha discovers her true identity and that not everything is as it seems. Betrayal, heartache and two angels competing for her love forces Ilisha to make the hardest decision of her life.


Our Thoughts:

Ilisha's life was turned upside down on the way to her grandmother's funeral. Victim of a deadly train crash, she walks away unscathed after a stranger stepped in to change her fate. Bram was her savior who seemed to have all the right words when she found herself lost.
Unfortunately Bram wasn't what he appeared to be. In fact, saving her was the worst thing that could have happened in her life. Cheating death denied Ilisha the destiny she was meant to have since the beginning of time. Bram's actions have left left running from a vicious demon who is intent on collecting her for the bounty placed on her. There is nowhere for her to hide.
Bram is also carrying around his share of secrets. While he professes his love he neglects to mention that she may not be his to have. Her heart has always been destined for someone else.
I liked this book. Intersting paranormal story apart from the usual. Ilisha does blossom as the story goes on seeming to find her inner warrior and becoming more decisive. Nice sophmore efffort from this author. I thought the butterfly symbolism was pretty interesting as well, just to throw that in!!! 4 stars

he concept was fresh and exciting but I think this story would have done better as two parts. After a train wreck should have claimed her life, Ilisha Morrison finds herself on the wrong side of a Death Makers hit list and thrust into a world where she’s confronted by Angels, Demons and the ultimate betrayal. Love and Deceit rule this story and as the heart breaking truth is revealed Ilisha is forced to make a choice. I liked this book but I really wanted to love it. The beginning was captivating as was the ending but the story from point A to point B though, just felt a little rushed. Ultimately it’s a good read but be prepared for a crash course of information, and a few “didn’t see that coming” events. 4 stars

Broken Butterflies had me interested during the train crash and being saved by a guy that just appeared out of no where with a "trust me" although the story was a good one...I do agree with Ashley as it could have been better as 2 books.
With that being said Illisha has fallen in love with Bram, a fallen who she ends up marrying and then comes to find out that she was lied to.
And that her so called enemy who she believes is to kill her, ends up being something completely different.
Lies, truths, and hotness are all in this book...

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