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The Enlightened Species by Wendy S. Hales

The Enlightened Species— Living in our world are three powerful species with unique physical traits and psychic abilities yet if you ran into one on the street you’d never know it. Having warred through the ages they come together under a new order called the Symbiosis of Species Council. United, the members of the SOSC find love, laughter, friendship, and battle the evil elements of our world.

 Immortal Becoming, Book One— Is the sensual story of an interracial Volaticus bloodmating between Shane, an Elven and Jess, a human/Elven hybrid known as Hulven. Their bloodmating represents hope for the Volaticus species continued survival. Supported by Shane’s love Jess is enmeshed into the SOSC and a battle against evil rogues who cage and breed women.

 Shadow Revealed, Book Two— Is a story about a second chance for love. Umbrae, a Hulven female and Enlil, a seven thousand year old Elven warrior, have both had their lives destroyed by the same prolific killer. In a hunt for vengeance they come together and in each other’s arms, find the power of loves ability to heal the soul.

 Shadowed Magic, Novella (Book 2.5)— Is a story about opposites attracting. Aymee, an independent, social, sexually confident modern human woman is an unlikely match for Eros an ancient Volaticus assassin who prefers the company of his family to the exclusion of everything and everyone else yet Aymee enchants him.

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Michelle and Lisa's thoughts:

Book 1

 First off I have to say that I loved the cover of the book it drew you in. This book was so refreshing from most paranormal books it showed us The Enlightened Species where there are several different deviations. The accidental meeting of Jess and Shane truly saved her sanity and helped her realize what her abilities are because they shared the same abilities. Shane and Jess were meant to be together for many reasons. With their meeting Jess gained do much love, friendship, clarity, and family that she never knew she had. It also help reconcile with the death of her mother and the circumstances regarding it. The author did such a fabulous job making well rounded characters even though there were a lot. Each one helped to build onto the storyline and enhance the reading experience. The story was fast paced even though it is a book that you could not put down. The action in the book was additive from page one to the last page. I couldn't wait to read the next book in this series because it just was so intoxicating. Thank you do much Wendy Hales for giving us such a great book that took us on a amazing journey. ~Lisa

 Jess has lived most of her life in seclusion. Being psychic sends her into massive sensory overloads around large group of people. at times it has even cause seizures and bleeding from the nose. All of the changes when Shane walked into her life. Shane brought out the best in Jess. He helped take the overload away and helped Jess to live again, but dangerous times are still ahead. . A crazy man has abducted one of Jess's loved ones. The same mad man who just a few years prior had tormented her own mother. As the secrets unravel it becomes apparent that he must be stopped at all cost. Can Shane and Jess hold it together and rescue those she loves? . Jess is an awesome leading female. Strong ,yet sensitive even with the world crashing down she remains fearless. Shane is the man of our dreams ....who wouldn't want a man who was especially designed for you in every way. This story provides action ,romance and a fair mix of suspense along the way. Nothing about it dragged or even made me want to put it down even for just a break Editing superb , excellently written and easy to follow. A definite must have!!!!!! ~Michelle

 Book 2

 This second book was fantastic better than book one Immortal Becoming. It continued the story of Shane and Jess but they were not the main focus in this one. Jess's grandfather Enlil was given a second chance with another woman thanks to his deceased bloodmate Etana. But with her help she also helped Umbrae and give her a family and love of her own even though she went through so much pain and sufferring as a blood slave to Zakel. The author brought together several of the enlightened that truly enhanced this story. Umbrae come to know about her father Eros and her 5 brothers. This book had action, suspense, and drama compounded one after another. Why must one girl be put through so much and come out stronger. The cover on this book was just as beautiful as the first. I definitely want to continue on with this series. Definitely a book I would recommend for everyone to read could put down. ~Lisa

 Usually I give my interpretation of the story as told by the author and then give my opinion of the book. I am changing this a little here. Umbrae's story is so beyond what moat of is read. Used as a breeding slave for years, caged , suffering abuse beyond horror movies was her life. After the rescue, to watch her heal and gather her strength is magical. This author also throws a twist in each of her novels and she didn't disappoint here. The ending is quite the shocker. I love the storyline and this series simply because it isn't mainstream. The characters are part human human and supes so it adds a new aspect. Overall well paced action, romance and suspense. ~Michelle

 Book 2.5

 I love the covers of the books up to this point. Typically if a cover cannot capture my attention I usually will bypass the book not so with Wendy Hales. She is so talented in continuing her stories through each book without losing the integrity. Although she chooses a different set of characters to be highlighted all the characters are used in which to increase the readers enjoyment. This book featured Jess's human friend Aymee and Umbrae's father Eros. Due to a terrible incident Eros comes to Aymee's aide and the physical attraction starts from there. The story is so fast paced and full of suspense and drama you are unable to put these books down. I am really looking forward to the adventures that she gives us in Fire Touch. I would definitely recommend this series if you want a book that you cant put down and has you hoping for the couple to find the love within each other. Thank you Wendy S. Hales for such a fantastic and remarkable series. ~Lisa

 Aymee remains the only mortal among her group of friends. Disgusted with dating, she decided to give up an active nightlife to wait for something or someone more meaningful. Only so far that has yet to happen. What's even more nauseating is watching her bff and her new bloodmate,soulmate and overall perfect male Shane. Eros has always dated human women. He enjoys the freedom of only a few years of his immortal life with one female, and when she passes he goes on with his immortal life. However when Eros and Aymee meet life changes in the most outstanding ways. Aymee is attacked outside a nightclub after a girl's night out. Eros helps her fend off the four potential rapists. One of them gets away and Eros decided to help Aymee physically heal. In all actuality it may be the other way around. Of the entire series I think Aymee and Eros are my two favorites. They act so real. Their relationship is fiery. They have spats like a real couple and to watch their story unfold is so sweet. My biggest complaint here would have to be that this should be a novel not novella. There is so much action and underlying drama that there was endless opportunity to expand on ...but then maybe the author did that on purpose.... Love the series and Aymee. Great editing and flow in fact you will most likely read it in one sitting. ~Michelle

The girls loved it!! 5 enthusiastic stars

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