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Imperfection tour~ Guest post from Phaedra

Imperfection (Pure Blood)

At the center of a war brewing between two packs: her son
Meara Falk always followed her parents' rules, until one night in March when the temptation to let loose changed her life forever. Nine months later, disowned and with a baby on her hip, she discovers werewolves exist after being on the wrong end of some teeth and claws. During her first change, werewolves attack, stealing her son and driving her out of her home. Now she’s looking for the man who kidnapped her baby and turned her life upside down. Meara's son is in the middle of a threatened war between two powerful packs. Getting him back will jeopardize the lives of everyone she loves.

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Phaedra stopped by to talk to us a bit about Randolph

Randolph Erikson’s Beginning

When your father is a werewolf, you grow up expecting to be as strong and scary as he is, especially when your mother really didn’t have any impact on raising you. My mother had been around for the first few years of my life, but met an untimely death when I was about four. I remember her though. She called me Randy which was short for my full name Randolph. Her hair was a dark brown that went all the way down to her waist. I can remember playing with her long braid as she walked away from her. She had brown eyes, unlike my icy blue ones. I was happy with her in my life. I probably will never know what actually happened to her.

My father wasn’t around until I lost my mother. Aren Erikson showed up the day after she died to claim me and take me to my new home. I remember thinking that he was a huge man. His hair was shoulder length and a little lighter than mine, but I definitely had his eyes. I had no choice but to go with Aren since the neighbors that were watching me had no intention of keeping me around. They were very happy he came to take me away.

This was how I came to live with a werewolf pack. My father was one of the most dominant ones in the pack and appeared to be in charge most of the time. I felt no love when it came to my childhood as a result. I was surrounded by grown men that knew nothing about raising a child. My toys were their battle swords and anything I found in the surrounding woods of our territory. A few other children eventually came to live with us, but many disappeared into the woods never to return. All of us had lost our mothers at an early age winding up with our fathers here.

We were expected to fend for ourselves mostly. If there were any scraps left of our fathers’ meals, they would make us fight over them. Even though we were all human, they treated us like wolf cubs were on the strongest survive. I fought for my meals only when I was starving. The rest of the time, I foraged through the woods eating anything that looked edible. I was not the strongest among the children and had no interest in fighting with them. If it weren’t for how far we were from civilization, I would have left. I clothed myself in whatever rags I could find and the foliage surrounding us instead of competing for my basic needs. My smarts were what kept me alive when the pack called for my blood.

We moved fairly frequently, especially after a full moon. I learned that when it was close to the full moon, it was best just to disappear. I would make forts in the treetops and stay there for three or four days until I was certain that the change had come and gone. Once these men turned into their wolf form, they didn’t care what meat they feasted on. It was a world where the toughest and smartest survive. I liked to think that I was one of the smart ones, but over the years I think I was just lucky.

When I was sixteen, my father approached me and asked if I wanted to be like him. I had no idea what this meant other than thinking of wanting to be in charge. I wanted to be important and strong like him. I said yes. Seconds after the word left my mouth I was catapulted forward from the impact of one of his wolves. He ripped and tore into me like I was a bag of flour. The pain was so intense that it left me speechless. The world went dark long before the wolf stopped tearing me apart.

Weeks later, I awoke on a straw pallet. Every inch of my body hurt from lack of use, but otherwise I appeared to be whole. I stood up, leaving the makeshift tent in search of food. That’s when I smelled it; the rich metallic tang of iron reached my nose long before I saw the pack of wolves feasting on a herd of deer. The smell called to me and I unconsciously pushed myself into the mass of wolves to dive face first into the deer’s flesh. The raw meat satisfied something deep within my soul. That was when I realized that I was no longer a man, but a werewolf.

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