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Learning to Trust reviews

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When Garrett Andrews finds something that catches his eye, he goes after it, letting nothing stand in the way of what he wants to possess. The first woman to arouse his heart could be the one person who helps him to finally open up and feel again.
Laurel Hart was a swimming champion until a frightful event and unknown health issues derailed her career. With a recent degree from MIT in Bio-Medical Engineering and an offer to join one of the leading innovators of medical equipment in the world, she plans on making a new life for herself; letting nightmares from her past stay in the past, or so she thinks.
Neither of them wants to date, but she finds herself drawn to him and Garrett uses every excuse to be near her. Laurel’s afraid to let anyone get close, but finds solace in his arms. Garrett is finally able to be himself around someone. Together, they discover a connection that manages to soothe both their souls and starts opening them up to new possibilities.
Once Garrett finds out about Laurel’s past, all rules in regards to "relationships" are changed, because one false move could drive her away. He attempts to calm her nightmares and gain her trust so he can show her who he really is and the relationship he desires from her.
Will they be able to overcome the damage their hearts have encountered? Can they find happiness? Can they trust their minds or will life throw each of them another curveball? Only time will tell if they can learn to trust.

 Our thoughts:

Left hanging with so many questions......that is EXACTLY how I feel right now.
I loved this story. The omitted truth and the weird possessiveness....perfectly complimented themselves. Bring in the painful backstories of both lead characters and some pretty hot scenes and've got yourself a hit.
Garrett really took me by surprise. For a moment, I thought he would be a bad guy in this story but he is quite the opposite. He is such a caring person and holds those he cares about uber close.
Laurel's character is a minx! She is a great character that grows in this story and slowly lowers her guard.
But Cynthia....I have so many unanswered questions! Please tell me there is a sequel in the works for Learning to Trust...I need closure! =)

This book was steaming! Better hot scenes than Shades of Gray. This is definitely an 18 and over read!

That being said, I liked the way the characters evolved and how this book made them fill out. Obviously from the ending there is to be a sequal, however I feel it drug on a bit setting up for the ending. It follows the standard great romance sequence. Boy meets girl, undenieable connection, and then a relationship. Something comes about to break the relationship. One gets hurt or something occurs which brings them back together. However, I think that this could have been just one book, based on that format and the ending that occurred.

At the same time...based on the authors writing, and the ending, I think they are trying to break that "standard sequence." And I give props for that. I admire someone who is thinking out of the box and tries to be different.

She has a great writing style, and if this is "the background book" (you know, the one that sets the stage) then it is the best I have ever seen. Excellent expression, and honestly, I felt that I could relate to all in the book.

I also liked her having done research on what she is writing about. That gave her points. So now to give her points.

I give you 4 1/2 stars on this book. And let's just say you missed 1/2 a star, cause I didn't want it to end there. Looking forward to the next though! Whew!

Laurel is just graduating from MIT with honors when her whole world is turned upside down. A new job offer and a sexy Garret Andrews have her reeling, but in a good way. Garrett is hell bent on showing her that love and relationships don't hurt you, but make life better. That is if Laurel can escape the demon from her past and put it behind her.
Garrett is pulled to Laurel like no other woman he has ever known. She is smart, sexy, and fits him perfectly. Everything should be perfect, but its not. Garrett has his own demons from the past. If he can't learn to let Laurel in he will lose her forever. In fact, he may never get the chance to tell her. 
This book oozes sexy. The romance is sleek and sensual without being trashy. I could feel the heat between the characters while I was reading. I love the mix of medicine blended into this story. I have to say much of it waas accurate as well. 
I think Garrett is one sexy hunk of man. It's the mystery about him that is driving me nuts. I want to know all of his story like now. He beats the Heck out of Christian Grey hands down. 
This is one of those that once you pick it up, you just can't put it down. I was floored at the ending. I hope there isn't too long of a wait before the next one comes, so I can see how the story ends I think the author has a winner with this one, its a sort of new adult/erotomance if u will. 
A definite must read for any mature romance lover over the age of 18. I can't wait to see what this book has in store for book two because the first one has it all


  About the Author

: cynthiaponeill head shotCynthia P. O’Neill grew up in a small town, called Clewiston, in South Florida. She moved to the Central Florida area to attend college and has never left. She met her friend, love, soul mate and married him. Together they have an amazing son, a feisty four-legged little boy, and a happy life together. During the course of schooling, she read works by great literary artists, from Shakespeare, to Hemingway, and all the authors in between. She had never considered a field in writing until she stumbled across some Young Adult literature and discovered a love for forbidden romances of all genres. Her background is focused in healthcare, science and business, while her husband’s is engineering. So you may find references to those areas in some of her books. Several years after she got married, she started dreaming about her first book, I Remember. Eight years later the story was still strong and the urge to write it down developed. It wasn’t until a few friends asked if she had ever considered writing a Young Adult novel, plus having fallen in love with several new authors who wrote in the first person, that the idea took new light. The story played itself out in her dreams, until one day she talked with her family, told them the idea and finally set down to write, with their encouragement. Cynthia’s first book is geared towards the Young Adult, Historical and Paranormal Romance fans. She does hope to grow as a writer and write in multiple genres. She tries to make her writing very personal and close to her heart. Regular life is the inspiration for her books, but her imagination takes them to new heights, opening up possibilities that would normally not exist. Follow Cynthia: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads / Pinterest / Blog

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