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Loving You Tour: Cynthia Interview

Gregory Riley and Jordan Carlisle are destined to meet and marry to fulfill an ancient prophesy and defeat evil once and for all.  However, the powers of darkness have managed to intervene and prevent their marriage throughout time and history.   In each era and place, they are drawn to one another by an overwhelming and all-powerful love that defies explanation.  However, they are always mysteriously murdered before they can say “I do”.

In Book One, the couple discovered their past life together in Victorian Virginia and the mysterious circumstances surrounding their deaths.  Now, with help from their visionary guide and other mediums, they must follow the clues to uncover who caused their demise during the time of America’s War of Independence. 

Both Jordan and Gregory know that they can’t be married until all the mysteries of the past are solved; so they secretly plan their wedding as they travel to Philadelphia, seeking to identify the witch and minions who have foiled their nuptials in the past and seek to prevent their upcoming trip to the altar. 

But this time, something’s different.  They experience the manifestation of powers that they have never had before and become stronger, as the darkness becomes bolder in an effort to destroy the couple.   Can they remember their past?  Can they remember their love?  Or will the darkness stop them, once again, before they can proclaim, “I Remember Loving You!”

Author interview with Cynthia!!!!

1.    Was this book more or less challenging to write than I Remember?

I’d have to say a little of both.  It was less challenging in the sense that Jordan and Gregory’s back story was detailed in I Remember, so I didn’t have to bring a lot of that forward.  However, it was more challenging in that I had to up the ante on some of the darkness of the spirits and the witch, along with being historically accurate in regards to the style of dress, items used, etc. during the Revolutionary time period.  Luckily, I’ve been to Philly, visited some of the historical sights and could use my husband, who grew up near there, and my brother in-law, who lives there, to help reference proper locations.

2.    Tell us something surprising about you

Hmm.....this is a hard one.  I guess I could admit that I’m super shy, but I love to sing and play the piano.  My son has developed an appreciation of music and to help pass the time when we are doing crafts or fixing dinner, we often sing acappella style.  We range from songs from the 20’s, the 50’s, to modern day.  I used to be afraid to sing around the house, not wanting hubs or anyone else to hear me, but since my son is so shy, I’ve taken the step to get out of the shy streak and just sing for the heck of it, which has prompted him to have some impromptu beat boxing and singing sessions with the karaoke machine at Costco and with some of the staff of our local grocery store.  J 

3.    What book can you read again and again?

This is a tough one, because I have several favorites, that when time allows, I read again and again.  There are so many amazing authors out there, both traditional and independent, but if I have to choose just one, I’d say Nichole Chase’s Suddenly Royal. 

4.    Did you have a favorite song you listened to while writing Loving You?

Boyzone’s “No Matter What”.  This song called to me because no matter what Jordan and Gregory are up against, no matter what their present or past life throws at them, they know that their love will continue “No Matter What”. 

5.    What is next for you?

This series still has two more books to go, which will come out in 2014.  One more with historical references, where Jordan and Gregory finally put all the pieces together and come to a realization about who’s behind their past lives ending abruptly.  The final will focus on the present and trying to stay alive while going up against the darkness.  Loving You will make you think that you have things figured out, but just remember what Ray says, “Things are not always as they appear to be.”  

I’m currently in the editing process for my steamier series, which has Learning to Trust already available and Learning to Let Go coming out in February 2014.  I was bouncing back and forth between the two series, but will go ahead and complete this one, before returning to the Remembrance Series and completing it.   Both series will conclude in 2014.

After that, I have about four book ideas on the back burner with comments, character names, plot ideas, etc. all written down.  They are all stand alones and anxious for their turns, as I explore more areas of the romance spectrum and start to add a bit of suspense into the mix. 

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