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Blood Vengeance and Blood Destiny reviews

There is an evil rising that wishes to seek havoc….Renee Draven believed her battle was over but her nightmare is just beginning. There is a darkness lurking seeking vengeance; with vengeance comes loss and family secrets will be revealed. Renee will question her lineage and her power; while other Evils play on her doubts she must determine truth from lies. Or will the lies be enough to rip the light from our heroine’s soul? With the past revealed the future holds a shock conclusion. New heroes will be found and new allies will be made…lives will be lost and hearts will be broken…are you ready for the ride to hell and back?

Our thoughts:

Blood Vengeance is a kick ass sequel to Blood Magic. I actually enjoyed this one much more than the first book of the series. Blood Vengeance picks right back up where Blood Magic left off. Right from the start, you are swept into Renee's crazy world of paranormal goodness. Renee meets 2 new characters in this install. First up is Sara. She's a demon slayer that Renee meets in London after checking out Damaskeos'  place for answers.  She then meets a marine by the name of Jax. She saved him from some rouge vampires and notices something is off with his scent. She takes him back to her place to figure out what to do with  him. In the meantime, Damaskeos is becoming best pals with Jed, the Demon Prince and son of Demya the Demon Queen. Damaskeos will stop at nothing to get what he wants....Renee Draven. Plus Renee uncovers dark secrets in her bloodline that will shock you!Blood Vengeance is so full of twists, I couldn't stop reading it. Zoey pulled all the stops out other this one and I'm glad she did. It's so full of action, witty dialog and a few heart-wrenching scenes that I really could feel for the characters. I really can not wait for Blood Wrath, book 3 of the series. Great job Zoey!! 5 stars

I was right! This second book is better than the first! Much more focused in the plot and details! This book has so many tiers of plots and twists and turns that it is entrancing. Could not put it down! The additional depth given to Renee and the broadening of her knowledge is really well done. I wish I could say more, but I will sum it up in one word…WOW! 5 stars

Before Renee Draven, there was another, the one who began it all. Before demons and mortals separated into their own dimensions, there was a girl sought out to begin the Draven Dynasty. She alone would stand with her Druid King and fight the forces of darkness to ensure the prophecy was fulfilled. 
Elena Draven, torn from her home, taken to a foreign land of Magick and creatures that she had only seen in her dreams walking around right before her eyes. With the gift of a magical ferrum, her power comes alive and her destiny lies before her.
Kilian, her savior, the Druid King who wishes to make Elena his bride and continue the Draven lineage which will destroy the Winged One, and ensure the Chosen One’s path. Will she learn to trust him and accept his love? Or will their time run out before fate takes their lives?
Every story starts somewhere….take the journey into a part of the Draven witches that has never been told and how their Blood Destiny began

Our thoughts:

Blood Destiny is a great start to both The Draven Dynasty and The Draven Witch Series.
I started with Blood Destiny to get a feel for how the Draven witches came to be so powerful and what makes them wanted so badly.
Elena is a commoner who has been picked to be Queen to Druid King Kilian. He informs Elena that their daughter, the true first Draven with the purest of Druid Magick will be the start of the powerful bloodline and with each generation, the bloodline will grow stronger and Blyth, the Winged One will die at their distant grand daughter's hands. At the same time, another entity wants to kill her for her power. But that's a totally different story =)In the Blood Destiny, you follow along, with Elena, Kilian, and their daughter Anissa. She has secrets of her own and her story is a dark, twist of fate. There has been a man that she could not pull away from but little does she know, he is not the man she thought he was.
I liked how Zoey created this back story and turned it into a novelette series. It gives the reader a chance to get deeply involved in both series and I like how they tie into one another. From what I can tell just by reading this novelette, I am going to thoroughly enjoy both of these series and I can't wait to see what's in book 2 of the Draven Dynasty. 5 stars

With this Novella, the author expands further on her heroine Renee’s background and how this all happened. This really used the author’s imagination and explored a lot of her talent. I was happy to understand a little more of what the Draven line went through. It helped to fill out what I had already read, and it is a cute short story and a great break while waiting for that third book! 4 1/2 stars.

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