Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hexes in Texas Review

Fed up with the slushy snow of winter, and the frigid Canadian wizards Julie McNabb wants a transfer to somewhere warm, and where the men are smoking hot!
Instead, she ends up in Bug Tussle. A small wizard farming community in Texas where the unicorns freak her out, and the resident witches watch NASCAR and eat Barbeque.
Despite her goals to get out as fast as she can, Julie makes friends, has fun, and falls for Vance, the hunky animal manager.
Now if only Julie can convince Vance to give up on Mrs. Right, for Mrs. right now!

Our Thoughts:

Shorter than most books I’ve read lately but a welcomed comic relief. Julie Mcnabb is a 200+ year old witch, tired of following in her family’s footsteps. She has always excelled in her job as a Security Witch, keeping up the protective shields around her hometown of Hamilton and incorporating newer technology, but she yearns for something more. Hormones and the eagerness to leave her life and her family behind for adventure and travel crash lands her and her snarky cat, Skippy, into Bug Tussle, Texas where she meets the sexy unicorn trainer, Vance. The relationship between Julie and Vance feels a little rushed since there is no real build up or depth but Author Michelle Kopra catches your attention from the beginning and doesn’t let up, setting the tone as a good humored light read, (cute does come to mind as well). The sex scene does feel kind of out of place though and just doesn’t seem to fit the vibe Ms. Kopra has going. Don't get me wrong I did enjoy Hexes in Texas, It was quite comical and an overall satisfying quick read worth the time. Ms. Kopra has a way with words that leaves you wishing the story just wasn’t over yet.
Fun Fast Read 4 STARS****


Julie McNabb comes from one of the most powerful withching families ever. The McNabb clan has ruled around Canada for centuries. Julie is so lucky that her gramps is also the clan leader. Sounds like a cushy life, right? No .....not really. She's betrothed to Kenneth one of the most boring men alive ( thanks mom and dad ). Her trusty black cat has more smart one liners than a stand up comedy act and he can vebalize each and everyone to her. Oh and her retired mom has taken up taxidermy, and decorated the house in animals( not to mention covered everything down to her clothes in tiger stripes).
Julie dreams of more than a security job in the little town of Hamilton. She has the same line of work dad had and her grandpa had before that. So she decides to transfer to New Orleans where all the supernaturals run amuck. Life should be good right? Wrong again!!!!! Julie's transfer is intercepted by a leader of a clan in Big Tussle, Texas. This little town has less than 5,000 in population and everyone knows everyone else. According to the clan leader, the town needs her expertise to set up a security system. And then there's a yummy unicorn caretaker who's constantly in her thoughts. Will Julie ever find love or satisfy her need to roam and find out where her home is destined to be?

I cracked up from the disclaimer in the preface to the end of this book. The authors humor is absolutely fantastic. I love the term "magical muffins " ......never heard a witches buns referred to like that. Not only was the novel humorous, but the plot flowed well. I never expected the drama and bits of suspense thrown in. I read this book in one sitting and have neglected the rest of the world around me!!! All in all excellent quick read. Great characters who are likeable and down to earth with superb plot pacing. Go get this one, one of the best and cutest I have read in a long time !!!!
5 stars *****