Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Living Sensitive

In the small town of Willow Eve, Arkansas, feisty bartender, Delia Rhodes, lives a pretty normal life; if you consider having a ghost for a roommate, pixies as best friends and being one of the rarest hybrids to exist, normal. Her life is turned upside down when someone or something begins kidnapping pixies and she is forced to find out who is behind it and why. If that wasn’t enough for her to deal with, Delia meets a delicious vampire hybrid with a very important event coming up; his registration. Will he survive? Will Delia solve the kidnappings or get dragged into the middle of something much deeper?

Our thoughts:

This was a fun read! I liked all of the characters a lot. Delia cracked me up the whole time. Her inner dialogue is totally what I would have been saying to myself in her shoes. There was no shortage of man candy either, Seamus and Draven were both equally swoon worthy.

I really don;t have anything bad to say about this guys know me, I usually have at least one thing I didn't like. This story held my interest until the very end, and it left me yelling at my Kindle because I didn't want it to be over. C.M. Rawdon is one to watch, I fully expect great things from her in the future. 5 stars

More Please 5 STAR*****
Seriously… I was NOT ready for this book to end. C.M. Rawdon did an amazing job and the story flowed perfectly. Delia Rhodes is the rarest of breeds within the hybrid paranormals community. Things in her life are business as usual, working nights bartending and sleeping half the day away. Even her sexy friend, the vampire-human hybrid Seamus McDermott has finally come around and asked her out. But everything changes when Pixies start getting kidnapped and the mysterious Draven Crow shows up setting Delia’s emotions on fire. Unable to control her thoughts and feels for Draven, she finds herself being pulled uncontrollably towards him. Now not only must she stop the kidnapper and find the missing pixies but also choose between the man she’s been secretly crushing on for the past few years or the one that has crash landed into her life setting off a chain of events that will leave you begging for more. They only thing I did not like about this book is I think Constantine got off way to easily and deserved and more painful and drawn out ending.

This story is about a young woman named Delia. She is a supe. She can read people by touching them and opening her mind. She can tell if you have been bad. Delia lives by herself, well of course not entirely, she a ghost as a roommate, Eli. Her best friends are pixies and someone has kidnapped them. Now its up to her to find them.And what is a good story without a little man trouble? Well how about 2 men? Did I mention they sound yummy?  Delia has a lot to deal with and I must say, she handled it, eh hem, them well. 4.5 stars!!

Delia is a woman who keeps on the go. First, she tends bar /sings at a nightclub five days a week. On her off days she is busy solving mysteries, bring part of a wickrd love triangle with two dreamy men, and keeping up with her ghostly roommate Eli. What's great about this is it works!!! I fell in absolutely love with Delia. She's smart, funny, sarcastic and loveable all at the same time. As a hybrid supe, she has even held onto her humanity. She fights for the good in people and even to protect us mortals.
I loved this one. It was a very quick read full of suprises. It has a little of everything here so there's no reason not to enjoy it. There's part detective, a steamy love triangle, an awesome ghost who is very gay and hilarious, and even a hint of murder. Well rounded plot and plenty for everyone to enjoy. From the way I understand it the author plans on making this a series so I am looking forward to book two!!!! 4.5 stars!!

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