Friday, August 10, 2012

Salem VI

Having stepped off the fast track of primetime network
television news, John Andrews has chosen a quieter life
as editor of The Salem News, a small paper in a quiet
New England town. Life is perfect until Andrews’ wife
is killed in a tragic accident. After several years of
trying to numb the pain with alcohol, Andrews is visited
by the spirit of a long dead ancestor who opens a door
to a shocking family history. After he experiences a
surreal glimpse into the past, Andrews must confront
the question of whether he is losing his mind or whether
for several hundred years his ancestors have been
engaged in a secret battle with a coven that worships
Satan. Fueled by the need to understand whether his
wife's death was an accident, as he had always believed,
or something far more sinister, Andrews, along with his
beautiful assistant editor, risk everything to discover a
truth so horrifying it threatens to destroy everything and
everyone he knows and loves.

Number of pages: 336
Word Count: 77,084
Formats available: eBook/hardcover

About the authors:

Jack Heath
Jack Heath is the host of NH Today,
New Hampshire’s only live afternoon
radio talk show, and cohost of Sport
Legends of New England with Bob
Lobel, which can be seen throughout
New England on Comcast Spotlight.
A direct descendant of Rebecca
Nurse, the last person to be tried and
hanged during the Salem Witch
Trials, and Ann R. Putnam, one of
her accusers, his first novel, Salem
VI, is an altogether modern take on
Arthur Miller’s The Crucible.

John Thompson
John Thompson spent twenty-five
years as an investment banker in
New York before retiring to write full
time. He is the author of the Brent
Lucas trilogy, The Girl from Felony
Bay, and coauthor of Salem VI. He
lives with his wife and daughter and
divides his time between Charleston,
South Carolina and Hawley,

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