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Bound to Remember and Unbound by Lola James

Vampires and Witches and Myths, oh my!

Dr. Toni Hollander is a resident ER Doctor. She happens to be the brightest star in the hospital that is until the new nurse shows up.

Nurse Ben Slaton is trying to escape his recent heroism and the fame of being Nurse Hero, when Ben finds himself in Toni’s ER, he can’t believe his eyes; Toni has an uncanny resemblance to an old friend of his. When they are paired up for his orientation, Toni find’s she can’t take her eyes off Ben either, he's just too irresistible.

Enter Kevin Cooper, Toni’s sexy but arrogant Ex. Kevin can’t help but be jealous when Ben arrives with eyes for Toni.

An unexpected kiss between Toni and Ben heats up but fizzles when Ben’s secret is revealed… yep he’s a vampire.

Ben insists that Toni is in danger knowing what he is and in order to keep herself safe she enlist the help of her best friend, a self-proclaimed witch named of Annie. Annie is eager to help but she has a little more than magic up her sleeve…

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Our thoughts:

Lola James has a way to keep me smiling all throughout her stories. Bound to Remember is a fun read filled with mystery, sexual tension, a vampire and Greek Gods.
At first I thought that this was going to be another hot vampire falls I love with a human and they have obstacles to overcome story. Boy was I wrong! Turns out the human has issues that the vampire wasn't aware of.
Bound to Remember is full of excitement and organized chaos that kept the story entertaining and fun to read. The twist at the end was a pleasant surprise as was the addition of Greek gods.  I am fast becoming a huge Lola James fan and look forward to reading more of her work! 5 stars


This is a short story and a good read.  It's about a Dr named Toni and she just got out of a relationship with Kevin. 
The doctors and nurses are called into a meeting to meet the new nurse. Nurse mchotterson that is!!!
Mister jealous Kevin tells Toni to stay away. Pssht but what girl can resist Nurse Mchotterson? No one.
As Toni and Ben get to know each other she finds out some secrets that she should not know...and could die as the result.
Ben wants to erase her memory, she wants to see her consequences.... Hades.... 4 stars

Toni is in the middle of Tue grueling days of ER rotation in medical school. The ones where you sacrifice any outside life in order to be a slave towards tour degree. In fact, nothing exciting ever happened to her until Ben walked in.
Instantly taken with the sexy male nurse, Toni realizes that Ben is harboring some deep, dark secrets. 
In fact, several of the things around her are not as they seem. What will Ben's love cost her?

This book was really cute. As a nurse, I love books with setting around hospitals and medicine. I enjoyed the banter among the characters and the blend of demons, gods, witches AD vamps. The plot moves well and it is an entertaining read. 
I do recommend this for others 17 + due to sexual situations and discussion. This is book one in the series so I am on to Unbound for my next dose of meds. 4 stars

Unbound, Book Two of the Spellbound Series

Toni went from being a doctor, to the lover of a god in an instant. Remembering who she was, she's now torn between her past self and her current love. Ben is stunned when Toni leaves and at the arrival of his long lost love, Catherine, but her arrival doesn't eradicate Toni from his mind. Unlikely allies will team up to get Toni back from the Lord of the Underworld, Hades, but it's not Hades they need to worry about.

Our thoughts:

Unbound is equally if not better than Bound to Remember! It's twists and plot thickeners are placed perfectly throughout the story and you are left wanting to read more!
Toni's dear friend Annie isn't very friendly after all and Dawn discovers something about herself that is a doozy. Throw Toni into a love square and you've got one hell of a story!
Again, Lola makes the story fun with the right amount of intrigue and spice that keeps you entertained. I definitely can't wait for the next install to this series.
Kudos to you Lola James for writing such amazing stuff! 5 stars

Dude 5 stars
This one, just whoa, was such an upgrade to the first in the words of Joey Lawrence would say "whoa!"
After Toni um let's say gets her thirst if Hades....her quench for hmmmm trying to think of a correct word for probably a word I can't say it type LOL is just wow!
This one took such an unexpected turn for me! Everyone must read this one.....if not *gives shifty eyes* I will find you....and sit there and watch you read it ...

About the author

Lola James has been reading romance novels since her teens, and fell in love with the paranormal after discovering Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. Her love of the dark worlds of vampires and witches, as well as her fascination with Greek mythology led her to create the Spellbound Series, an ongoing Paranormal Romance combining all of the above into tales of suspense with a little bit of humor in an Urban Fantasy setting.
A long time lover of reading and writing with a passion for a great story, James became discouraged by the complicated and arbitrary publishing process, James had initially set down her laptop and her hopes of being a writer. However, with the purchase of her first e-reader, James became re-energized by the new possibilities for an undiscovered author to reach the masses. Dusting off her keyboard she finally finished Bound to Remember, the first book of the Spellbound Series and self-published it. Energized and ambitious, James is now hard at work on both the Spellbound Series as well as the Fate Series, a paranormal romance about dreams and what happens if they come true.

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