Thursday, February 21, 2013

The House of Gray and Graves by CM Stunich

I am Georgette Marie French, daughter of Annette Rosemary Cummings and Anthony Starling French. I'm twenty-six years old, never married, always dating. I have no children; I don't want any, and oh yeah, I'm undead though I'm not charming like a vampire or mysterious like a ghost, I'm just a zombie. And possibly the Queen of an entire court of human souls and madmen.

George has never been lucky in life, so when she drowns in a swimming pool and is raised as the first and only zombie to ever have its soul intact, she isn't surprised to find out that a group of religious fanatics who have the ability to sense the undead are after her. The only thing keeping her sane are the glamours that allow her to pass as human. When the donor of the fae blood needed to sustain them is killed, George must cross the Veil into Faerie where the chances of making it back alive – or even undead – are slim.

Welcome to a place of lost souls; welcome to Faerie.

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Our thoughts:

I have to give this book an excellent review. I bit my nails in anticipation. I furrowed my brow wondering what is coming next. But most importantly, I loved this book!
The way the author wrote this book was well thought out. The story line has the perfect tempo as well as making sure you knew what they were describing and yet, letting you use your imagination. The descriptions at the beginning of every chapter almost gave a “backstory” view on the upcoming creature. The author certainly knows their verbiage. No loss of description in the book. Everything was so vivid to me. I was able to be the character easily and identify with her. It was, I would say beautiful, but we are talking about a zombie book here, so I will go with Amazing. This book screams “READ ME!” 5 stars

So after Georgette drown in her boyfirend' s swimming pool, her life tragically ended after 26 years, right? Not for this girl! George was fished out of the pool by a necromancer and brought back to a zombie. Not just any zombie though, somehow she has become the only undead zombie walking around with a soul. 
George's story takes the reader on a whirlwind trip through the land of Faerie. Both fae queens have plans as to what to do with her. Most of the breeds of fae creatures want to kill her. Only one sidhe seems to have her best interest at heart. Georgette must learn what her path is meant to be before it is too late for her and the lost in Faerie. The question us who is on her side, because everyone know that you can't trust a deal with a fae creature or a supe....
Ok, so I am so not a zombie girl usually. However, this book is amazing. It is a combination of hot steamy romance/sex scenes, thriller, and action. The characters are so well described and portrayed the reader feels as if we can see each one. The book encompasses everything from kelpie to fae to hellhounds. I found the descriptions of each to be very vivid and helps the reader to understand the role they play. The interaction between characters often had a fair amount of sarcastic humor, which had me rolling. You can't go wrong with a smart-aleck zombie who is walking around in glamour. Aside from all of the neat things above, George's attempt to run from the true death and resurrect the House of Gray is a nailbiter of a story!!!!
The only thing I didn't really like was the first couple chapters are a bit descriptive of a zombie meal. Please push on past those, because after that the story just keeps getting better and better. This is one of those books that once you pick it up, you just have to finish. Even if you aren't a zombie fan like myself, the land of the fae that she weaves in this story is amazing. I will add editing was superb here as well.
Overall this is a definite recommended read, and another serious hit from this author. I while heartedly recommend this novel to any reader over 18, due to context and sexual content. It is one I will revisit again, and I believe there is a few.more books to follow this one. Happy Reading!!!!! 5 stars


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