Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Meet Hally Willmott

Twenty Random Facts about Hally Willmott

  1. I love sports
  2. I love to read
  3. Twilight is the only book – or series I have ever read more than once
  4. I became a Police Officer in 1997 – I was only 15 (Hahah just kiddin)
  5. I am married to another Police Officer
  6. I have two children – Jacob and Jordan
  7. I live in Northern Ontario Canada – No we don’t reside in igloos – no really – a question I have been asked before
  8. I have always loved writing
  9. I write poetry
  10. I started writing ‘Awakenings’ in 2009 – finished in 2010 – I started writing it to see if I could do it
  11. My aunt was the guinea  pig and the pushing force behind having ‘Awakenings’ published - I sent her chapter after chapter to see what she thought –
  12. I have no filter – I sometimes say things I shouldn’t but others are happy I’ve said it
  13. I have a strong belief in God
  14. I have a strong belief in Family
  15. When I pick up a book I like – I cannot put it down until it is finished
  16. I have a sister and brother (Older sister – sorry Jen and younger brother Luv ya Jason)
  17. I only settled in Sudbury in grade 6 – I’ve lived all over North America (My father was a contract miner)
  18. I always root for the underdog
  19. It is my hair – I have honestly been asked if I had extensions or pin on buns and such – Nope – The curly mess is ALL mine
  20. I love my family and I love life – I Dared to Dream and look at me now

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