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Wombstone by Jessica Roscoe

Mia Blake wasn’t the first girl that was taken by the vampires.

She had heard all about the girls who were missing, and even though they were only “missing”, she knew in her heart that those girls were dead. 

She felt sad for them, sure. But more than that, she felt glad that they had been strangers – not someone she knew, and certainly not her. Things like that didn’t happen to girls like her. 

They always happened to someone else, and that’s why she barely blinked as she made her way across an empty football field, through a deserted parking lot, to meet a fate she had arrogantly assumed was reserved for other people.

She was a stupid girl.

She paid for it.

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Crystal's review

I wasn't sure what to expect with Wombstone. So when I finished reading it, I was ready for more. You are left hanging! So NOT fun =)
You meet Mia, a senior in high school with a kick-ass bestie and a loving boyfriend. She gets kidnapped in the parking lot of her high school and she has no idea why. So much happens to her while being held; starved, tortured, she gets turned into a vampire...yeah I'll stop there; don't want to ruin it for ya.
So here goes... Wombstone is awesome! It's written beautifully with very colorful descriptions, funny mental thoughts (courtesy of Mia) and yummy vampire hotties included.
Don't believe me? Check out this Excerpt:
“What do you want?” I kept throwing questions at him. “Who are you?”
“You are here,” he answered. “If you keep asking questions, I’ll kill you.”
“You broke my nose,” I said accusingly, narrowing my eyes.
He raised his eyebrows, coming closer, peering at my nose. “I could punch you again, straighten it up?”
I pulled my head back, just out of his reach.“I’ll be fine, thanks.”
“Do you need anything? More blankets?”
I stared incredulously at this teetering Jekyll and Hyde who wanted to punch me and get me a blankie in the same conversation.“I need to get home,” I said slowly, as if I were speaking to a moron. “I have my geometry final in two days.”
His tone was dry. “Somehow, I don’t think that’s going to be a problem anymore.”
Fear shot up my spine again. “Look” - I started.
“No, you look,” he said dangerously, putting a hot hand around my throat and squeezing. “I didn’t come in here to make casual conversation.”
I gasped and choked for air.
“Just do what you’re told. Cooperate. It will be over soon enough.”
I nodded, still choking. He released his grip and I fell to my knees, holding my throat with both hands. He waited, staring at me blankly, as I found the air to speak.
As I asked the question I wasn’t sure I wanted answered.
“Are you going to kill me?”
He laughed, but his mask slipped a little, because he faltered. “Of course not.”
“Well then you’re pretty stupid,” I shot.“Letting me see your face. Your license plate. Your tattoo.” I pointed to the black, luminous symbol etched onto his wrist that looked like a pair of eagle’s wings.
“Are you trying to talk me into it?” he asked with a smirk.
I glared at him.
“I know what you’re doing, sweetie. You’re trying to provoke me.”
“How am I doing so far?”
He grinned like the smug bastard he was.“Terribly.”
This is what I'm talking about. Funny and witty dialog between the characters is awesome. It made the story go by so quickly and kept me interested. There were no "dull moments".
Check out another Excerpt:
Sam stood in the doorway that led from the bedroom to the bathroom, but I could tell he didn’t want to come any closer. I had the distinct feeling it was because I was a girl, and that made me wonder. Ryan didn’t care about my personal space. I was surprised he cared for me at all, after the things he’d said and done back in Mexico.
“You’re a doctor,” I said, turning to him. “How did I lose a massive vampire bite?”
Sam frowned. “How long since you Turned?”
“Since I was Turned,” I corrected him. “You’re implying that I did this to myself. Quite the opposite. I expressly asked that this not be done.” As I heard myself talking, I realized that I sounded like an entitled little bitch, but I was beyond caring.
Sam blinked. “Right. How long since you were Turned?”
“I don’t know,” I answered quietly. “A few days? Less than a week. I don’t remember a lot of it.”
“Well, the good news is you’re not going insane,” Sam said, obviously trying to lighten the mood. “Vampirity is caused by a virus. It attaches itself to your DNA, makes its way into every cell in your body, and takes over. Vampires can heal from a wound in a matter of minutes. Have you attacked anyone yet?”
“What?” I looked at him incredulously. “No. Ew! Why?”
He shook his head, seemingly pleased. “It’s just ... you seem remarkably lucid for a newly infected vampire.”
“Remarkably lucid?” I echoed. “All I’ve done for the past few days is throw up, cry and bleed.”
“Thank God for that,” Sam replied. “Usually, vampires spend their first few weeks – or months – attacking everyone and everything they can.”
I cast a sidelong glance at the broken lamp and overturned bedside table in the corner and tried to appear calm and generally non–violent. “Is that what you did when you were Turned?”
He paled. He looked like an injured puppy dog.
“Sorry,” I apologized. “It’s none of my business.”
He just searched my face, as if looking for the answer to a question I didn’t know.
This is awkward.
“That’s what all vampires do,” he said quietly.“The bloodlust, it’s quite horrific.”
“Bloodlust?” I echoed. “Like being hungry?”
He stared at me like I was a freak. I shifted uncomfortably under the weight of his eyes.
“Like being a homicidal maniac,” he said, “with zero impulse control.”
“Oh,” was all I could think to say.
Ok so enough teasing from me. I really liked Wombstone and the HUGE bomb that is dropped towards the end...WOW! So with that said, kudos to Jessica for writing an awesome beginning to this series and I can't wait to read the next install to the Vampireland Series.

About the author
Jessica Roscoe is the author of Wombstone, a
Young Adult paranormal novel. From a young
age, she delighted in the written word and
would often scare her poor parents with
outlandish stories filled with the supernatural
and macabre. Jessica studied film and
screenwriting at university before deciding that
novels were her calling. The setting for
Wombstone was inspired by a six-month stint
in the U.S. where she worked as a lifeguard at
a summer camp in Mt Freedom, New Jersey. She is currently working on the next book in the
Vampireland series. Her other loves in life include good quality tea, delicious wine, reading and
hanging out with her husband and baby girl.

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