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Beyond the Veil: Interview with Ella


Hey all, we're pretty lucky today, we've persuaded Ella to chat with us!!! I hope you enjoy what she has to sat as much as I did :)

Though the Serbian pack has been brought to heel thanks to the downfall of their Alpha, the war is far from over.
Desdemona, a witch of unfathomable power, has escaped the wolves’ wrath, but she will not go quietly into the night. She takes refuge in a place where even the smallest sliver of light does not dare to enter. Though she had to flee, she has not given up on the treasure she wishes to acquire. Her depravity knows no bounds; she's even willing to search for the one who can assist her in opening a Veil that has not been opened in millennia – with good reason: the danger is incalculable.
Meanwhile, there are major changes rippling through the Romanian Grey wolves. Decebel has become Alpha to the Serbian pack in an effort to begin to unite the Canis lupis species. Their numbers are dwindling in the wake of the shortage of true mates and lack of offspring. The wolves are beginning to lose faith and darkness seems to be crashing in on them from all sides. But the winds of change are blowing, changes that will alter the future of not only the Canis lupis, but of another ancient race as well.
Amidst all of this, Sally is continuing to come to terms with her relationship with the playful, charming, flirty, unbelievably handsome bartender – who happens to be a member of the Romanian pack. 
If all that weren’t enough, the Fates have decided to pay a little visit to Jen. It’s time to collect. She cheated the Fates of a life, her life. Now they want what they are due. The problem? It’s more than Jen is willing to pay.
Yes, the war is indeed far from over. Bargains will be struck, declarations will be made, sacrifices will be given, love will be tested, and trust will be questioned as evil makes its stand against them all.

What are your feelings on being mated to a werewolf?

It’s not something that I ever expected to happen to me, but now that it has I’m happy about it. Sorin is amazing and so caring and loving.

if you and Sorin have kids, would you want your child to be more Fae or Wolf?

That’s a tough question. I would hope that they would have the best of both of us without the worst of either of our races. Of course that’s probably too much to ask, but then you always want the best for your kids no matter what.
I'd like to know her thoughts about this new twist in events. 

There are so many things that have happened that none of us could have ever predicted. Some of it is great and to our benefit and some of it will threaten to destroy not only our race but others as well. It’s a scary time to be a part of the super natural world. 
How does she feel about being one of the first chosen to be mated with the wolves, how does she see her future changing because of this?

I feel honored that the Great Luna chose me and found me worthy to be mated to one of her children. I’m scared that I will not live up to what Sorin has always thought his mate would be. I can see that I will have a different roll in my own race now because my loyalty will come to my mate first.
Will they stay with the wolves? if so, who is she leaving behind in Fairy land?

I will stay with Sorin. His place in the pack is important. Fae are very different when it comes to family. We aren’t as close knit as the wolves. Once we are separated from our parents we rarely see them. I have some friends that I spend time with but I spent so much of my time as a warrior for our kind that really there isn’t anything that I will be pining over.
does she have parents? siblings? friends? 

I have parents but only see them every couple of years. No siblings. My friends are mostly the comrades that I have fought beside.
did she have someone special that she thought she would end up with one day? 

It can take a very, very long time for a Fae to find someone that they want to be bound to. We are not the most committed of races when it comes to relationship’s. I have had a couple relationships but they were short and not emotionally entangling. 
I had always thought she and Adam would become an couple. How does she feel about Sorin? 
Adam is like a brother to me. Sorin, he’s an enigma. So stoic and yet every now and then shows a side that only a few get to see. He has a great sense of humor but shares it with only his closest friends. The little time we’ve had together has been the best I’ve ever had. He makes me feel special and unique. My feelings are growing for him with each passing hour as I see how I would have never had something so amazing had I not been his mate.
While Sorin may have this overwhelming sense of belonging with her, she did not aquire this, so she is having to learn to like him, much less love him. Is she concerned about having a baby, since this is new?

I would prefer that children be a little down the road. Sorin and I are still new at this. It’s an adjustment and although it’s a good thing it’s still a new thing.

How will this new hybrid baby develop?

I truly wish I knew.

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