Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bride of Fae by Lk Rigel

A love more powerful than magic or time. 

Beverly Bratton has a safe, mundane life. No drama. No magic. Since her parents died, she’s cared for her little sister Marion and worked at the Tragic Fall Inn. When a fairy’s charm sends Beverly a hundred years into the past–and into the path of a banished fairy prince–nothing will ever be mundane or safe again.

The regent of the Dumnos fae is turning the court from light to dark, and there's nothing the rightful king, Prince Dandelion, can do about it. The mystical coronation cup which he needs to become king has fallen into human hands. When he meets a human woman with access to the cup, everything changes. Beverly is fascinating as well as useful–but of course Dandelion doesn’t love her. 

Love for a fairy is rare. Love with a human, impossible. But when Beverly and Dandelion are thrown together in a battle against both wyrd and fae, they learn that in Dumnos the impossible happens every day.

Our thoughts:

This was a beautifully written book, after reading the first in the series, Give Me, I was more than excited for this one to come out. L.k. Rigel has the ability to transport you to another world with her writing, she paints such vivid pictures. I would recommend this book to anyone. Well done L.k, you had me in tears at the end of the book. 5 stars

Wow what a novel! Where to begin. Beverly is so special. Giving up her education after her parents death, she took on the task of raising her sister. Working in a bar she makes enough to get them by with little else to show for it. Things become weird when some friends from college show up investigating some stories about a supernatural tree. 
Once Beverly enters the Fey realm by way of this tree her life will never be the same again. 
I love the fact Beverly is an average girl. Not some stark raving mad beauty but a real female. She has guts and determination and all kinds of characteristics that make the reader adore her. The plot is well paced and keeps the reader going. I didn't read Give Me and when the plots intertwined I was only briefly confused so that was good. I think that this book does very well as a stand alone novel but it does make you really want to read book one. I think this book presents the reader with a little of everything we look for.....between the battle between the dark and light get to the wonderful love story between Beverly and one seriously yummy Prince Dandy. This is definitely a recommended book as well as one I will read again!!! 4 stars


First, let me say, I rarely like sequels, books or movies. At first, I thought it was difficult to get into the book and understand what was happening. I was expecting this book to be like the last, but it wasn’t. This book took me here and there with the story, and like a beautiful rose, slowly opened and fulfilled my hope and expectation. The drawing in of the first book really made you relate to the story line and feel Beverly’s pain and joy. One surprise after another occurs in this book, and it thrills you as you go. The only word of warning is that this book in the movie world would rate a PG-13 due to love scenes. However, I still have to give this woman the props due her and award her 5 stars for this book. Loved it!

What a fantastic book. Unfortunately I have not read book 1 yet Give Me but luckily it was not needed in order to keep up with this magical tale. What one of us didn't grow up listening to stories about faries, Wyrds and Goblins. They all tell us that humans and the magical worlds cannot mix but somehow it seems to work. The building of the characters and storyline shows us that Lk Rigel cares about her readers and their thoughts. The cover of the book was absolutely beautiful and makes you want to buy it. Each character has a essence all their own and are given a three dimensional quality. The setting for each journey in the book was carefully described as if to place you into the scene as one of the characters. I highly recommend getting Give Me first then purchasing Bride of Fae so you can enhance your Fae enjoyment. I look forward to reading more in the future from Lk Rigel.

Bride of Fae is the second book in the Tether series by Rigel. I honestly love the second book better than the first one. You have to read these in order or you will spoil the surprise from this one. This book unlocked secrets of the characters from Give Me and others you find out how they came to be in the first one. It was a great story and adventure. I loved the ending of this book and hoping to read more by this awesome author. This book has creatures like fae, goblins, and pixies (not counting humans). This book is like a loop and starts where you left off then goes back in time to find out how that came to be then you get plugged back in when you learn the backstory. Brillant!!! IT is a wonderful magical adventure and looking to read more from this author! I'm going to keep from giving you a summary since it would contain too many spoilers! I give this a 5 star review!
~Merisha (guest reviewer)

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