Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Forged by Greed Review

Two Seattle 16-year-old Shape Shifters, Jatred and Jasmira, are torn between following their hearts and protecting the order of the world. The path of the star-crossed lovers leads only to destruction. The ancient Shape Shifter Races—the Winter wolves and the Summer leopards— live among humans and fit perfectly into modern life, while keeping secret societies with their own laws and traditions. Two Goddesses, Crystal and Amber command their respective Races. One is on a quest to tilt the scale of power to her side. The other will never let it happen, even if it means sacrificing Jatred and Jasmira’s love. The Amulet commissioned to bring stability into the world remains hidden and concealed with the help of advanced technology. Jatred is the guardian of the Amulet and key to the Goddesses’ conflict. The forces of nature are disrupted. Earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions rake the world. The Goddesses go to war and summon all their Shifters to join in the conflict. Jatred and Jasmira must fight not only for their love but to protect the future of both Races and humankind.


Our thoughts:

A good read with page turning quality. A forbidden romance between the rival shifter races of Summer and Winter wouldn’t be such a bad thing if weren’t for the fact that they are both next in line to reign over their respective races. Raised in world where dating outside of your race is considered crossing a line Prince Jatred of Winter and Princess Jasmira of Summer have been forced to hide their love in fear of the wrath of the Goddesses. But, the all-knowing Goddesses of each race have very different plans: one is willing to exploit the love between the two young royals and one will go as far as wiping away every last memory of their torrid affair. Angela Orlowski-Preart has starting something fresh and amazing and I can’t wait to see where she will take us next. 4 stars

I have to say I LOVED this book. Following the love story if the Summer Princess shifter and the Winter Prince shifter. Such a forbidden love but love knows no such law. Sometimes we must just follow our hearts be darn with the consequences. Angela had me from page one with the descriptions that she gave about the different realms and the area the kids lived in. Her character build up was anything short of fabulous you could help routing for each and everyone of them. Each character needed to tell a great story. The background characters helped to bring this story frontline. Through the book I had made up my mind which character I loved to hate but low and below Angela was messing with me the whole time and that character was not truly the greedy hateful character that I thought they were it was someone else. I loved that there were twist and turns around every corner it made for a fantastic book to read. I can see that Angela is going to go places with this series and I can't wait to read more from this series and possibly any other wonderful books. I highly recommend this wonderful author for a dramatic and suspenseful reading adventure.

Wow. Such a different shifter story! We follow lovers Jatred and Jasmira. Jatred is from the Winter race of shifters run bythe Goddess Crystal where as Jasmira is from the Summer race run bythe Goddess Amber. Two shifters from different races. Lovers. They aren't supposed to be. It is looked down upon by the Goddesses. Think Romeo and Juliet in a way. Only here after Jatred is forbidden to be with Jasmira by Crystal and he doesn't listen. She removes his memory of Jasmira completely. (I couldn't imagine my husband not remembering me. I would be devastated.) I could feel the pain that Jasmira was going through of her love not knowing who she was but that he could remember everyone else. The ten thousand year mark is upon them. The Goddesses are against each other to gain THE power from the amulet that the Royal of the Winter race has under their protection. Did I mention that the royals from each race was Jatred and Jasmira? No? Yes,well it is true. This story so wonderfully written allows you to follow their journey, destruction, power, losses, and pain. It is up to you to find out if they can ever be together again or if they are doomed to fail in the battle. 4.5 stars

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