Thursday, November 29, 2012

LK Rigel interview with Olivia Hardin

We have an awesome guest interviewer today!! Author Olivia Hardin has taken the reigns and asked the important questions today. Olivia is the author of the Bend, Bite, Shift series, and the MAUCs series. Kind of having a fan girl moment.....2 of my favorite authors on my blog at once!! Hope you enjoy what the ladies have to say :)

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Did you always see yourself as a writer?

Like thousands of little girls who got lost in books and found themselves there, I was a reader
first. The writing started when I was still in grade school. By seventh grade, I identified as a
writer—and have ever since.

2. You’ve recently released the second book in your Tethers Series. Tell us a little bit about it and
how we can find it.

Bride of Fae is about a Dumnos mortal, Beverly Bratton, who falls through a fae time portal and
travels a hundred years into the past to meet a banished fae prince named Dandelion. Beverly
and Dandelion join forces to recover a magical cup crucial to the succession of the fae crown.
We find out how the Dumnos fae are linked with the earls and countesses of Dumnos, and we
also discover who Lilith’s father was. Bride of Fae is available for Kindle and Nook.

3. I’m amazed at how you can keep track of all of the time and location shifts that take place in
both Tethers books, but especially this second one. There are a lot of characters and intricate
things that happen and weave through all of their lives. How do you manage it? Do you use

I’ve always loved stories that incorporate multiple time lines. A.S. Byatt’s Possession, the double
story of two modern day scholars and the Victorian poets they’re researching, is one of my
favorites. I like to discover deeper reasons for a present predicament located in past choices
and events. It is a challenge to manage, so I use a time line while I’m writing, and I usually know
the ending well before I write the middle sections—which is a big help in not getting lost in the

4. Imagine you just got the most awesome news (like maybe you made the bestseller list!) Which
one of your characters would you tell first and why?

My first thought is Morning Glory because she can’t keep a secret! But then she’s also not too
reliable. She might forget to tell anybody. King Harold from Firebird would be good. He’d throw
a party and invite the world.

5. Can you give us any clues about what we might expect in the next Tethers book?

The next book is called War of the Wyrd. The two featured time periods are current-day
Dumnos and the 12th century conflict between Matilda and Stephen (between the reigns of
Henry I and Henry II). We learn how the Dumnos Fae sided with the Christian monks to destroy
the wyrders and drive them underground. It opens in the present with Beverly when the
daughter of Lily and Cade shows up at Mudcastle – already 14 years old! Beverly turns to Max

the goblin to help her devise a charm to synchronize time between the human realm and the fae
realm. In so doing, she stumbles upon a terrible secret from Max’s past. This book is darker than
the first two books – but I promise the fourth book, The Goblin King, will be a sweetness and
light overload!

6. Free time! Share anything else you want readers to know about you, your books, or anything!

My next book up for publication is something slightly different, a contemporary romantic
suspense set on the northern California coast titled Kiss Me Hello. It does have a paranormal—
or at least gothic—element in that it’s a ghost story. Look for the cover reveal here this week
and a chance to win a personalized ARC!

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  1. *sighs* I just LOVE LK's books. Thanks so much to you Jessi for letting us have this interview on your blog!


  2. You guys are the best - I feel pretty puffed up now! - LK