Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Dragon's Call by K.W. McCabe

In a thoughtless final act of destruction, humans wake the one creature of legend they have no protection against. Years after the complete subjugation of the human race, Derek, heir of the Dragon Queen, and Cecily, create a tentative friendship. But something or someone is stalking the human enclave. Cecily and Derek must find out who and why before she's next.


Our thoughts:

I really need to just say…WOW! From the beginning this pulled me in! The characters are brilliant and well defined. The plot has a steady incline. The twists and turns are well concealed. You don’t know the end until you read it. And it leaves you panting for more.This is not a book you want to put down. Please be warned. When you start reading, make sure you have the day set aside to read all of it, because you will not walk away easily. My rating is a definite 5 stars!

"I felt like I'd known her my whole life and had just been waiting for her to appear." Derek Cecily never had anything exciting happen to her. In fact, keeping her twin brother Daniel out of trouble has been a full time job since they started puberty. Since the Dragonkind now rule the land, the earth is way different from the way humans lived in the past. Humans are permitted to work and achieve an education, but they must adhere to strict curfews and laws enforced to the utmost. Cecily's whole world is turned upside down the minute Derek steps into her high school. Derek is drakkon....a dragon who has not yet reached maturity. Basically he is the same age as 17 year old Cecily. Warned her whole life to never associate with any dragons, Cecily can't help but be taken with Derek. As their story unfolds, it seems that there is a definite destiny that has brought Cecily and Derek together. In true to life form, their happiness will come at a cost and depend on what they are each willing to give up and suffer through. I was throughly surprised and absolutely fell in live with this story. First of all it is so refreshing to puck up a paranormal romance based on different supernatural species. Derek isn't a perfect leading man. While he is swoon worthy, he is real at the same time. He makes mistakes and doesn't always follow his gut instincts, which makes him feel so real and loveable. Cecily is also strong, and has imperfections of her own. The author makes them act like real teens. I just fell in love with this series. It has it all ....there's romance and action and even mystery thrown in. I do believe that the author has just scratched the surface as to where this series could go. Dragons are quickly becoming one of my new loves. I cannot stress to you how good this novel really is. Even the editing is superb. Once you pick it won't stop until you finish it trust me here I know. I even had to order pizza for dinner. Awesome read by an uber-talented author!!!!!!!!! 5 stars

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